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Vfx Course In Jaipur

Visual effects and composting are the most eye catching parts of the video. It attracts audiences with its various effects, and keeps them glued to the motion pictures. The master course in After effects is designed specially to enhance, and uplift the artistic and technical skills that help you to master the professionalism in the fields of composting and Visual Effects using After Effects. This course is the combination of both artistic and technical aspect of uniting images created on the computer, as well as, the live footage in Visual Effects. To enroll in this course, you need to have the basic knowledge of computers. You need to know how video edit and graphics works, and must be aware of the operation of basic fundamental tools. Having the knowledge of editing terminologies will always be an added advantage for the applicants.

Vfx Training In Jaipur
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Teachers Name Rishi Pandey

The advanced diploma course in Visual Effects is an all in one course been offered in Dicazo Jaipur, the course has its major focus on basically the three (3) aspects of design in the Digital media namely:

Multimedia: To Include Graphics design

Animation: To include both 2D and 3D Animation & Visual Effects

Post productions techniques: which includes Master training on Audio / video editing, sound editing and compositing etc.

The advanced diploma in visual effects course would help every successful student get polished on the areas of digital media, and also have special and redefined skills in graphics design,  animations, Vfx and multimedia courses. On completion of the course each student would be very versatile with the way and logic on which the Multimedia industry works and also having the special skills and privileges to combat any kind of challenge that demands a sure solution.

After the completion of the Multimedia and Animation in Dicazo Jaipur, you will gain and unquantifiable knowledge in diverse fields which would definitely help you to gain employment in any Industry of your choice within the Digital media and Multimedia world.


The objective of the course is building up the exploration of both visual and tangible skills in order to design creative processes. Developing visual observations via drawings, storytelling, camera, lighting etc is the main motto of the learning session. Adobe After Effects will help you learn expert level skills in the application.

Course Outline:

The basic contents of the course consist of-

  • Design, Computer Graphics and Art fundamentals- It covers up with the topics like design fundamentals, drawing principles, still life, color theory etc.
  • Visual Effects Compositing- It includes rotoscoping, color correction, expressions, keying, tracking and stabilizing.
  • Study of motion of the camera and shooting against camera, Rotoscopy and wire removal is also part of the course content.

Course Outcome:

On its completion, the students will understand how to evaluate different types of colors, shapes, lights, and camera effects in the image processing. They will know the practical implementation with ease. Students will be able to learn the entire process of developing the portfolio.

Technologies Used:

Adobe After Effects

Career Scope:

Learning of this course exposes you to various career options in media and animation industry as visual effects artists. You can also work as a mentor or a freelancer. Visual effects composting is also used in games and movies on common grounds. So you have huge number of options to choose from, to shape up your career taking higher leaps. You can also start up with your own studios and coaching classes

What Is The Fees Of VFX Course?

Basic VFX course fees starts from Rs. 40,000 while advanced level courses may cost upto Rs. 1,00,000. The fees will may vary depending on the course you choose. There are also levels of training you can choose based on your existing knowledge and choose the course that meets your requirement.

VFX Course
Programme Schedule
Normal Track
Course Duration: 4 months
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week
Fast Track
Course Duration: 2 months
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 days a week